About Us

Avenam Links International Limited is an indigenous company formally incorporated and registered in Nigeria, as a Limited Company. The company was established and equipped with full professional Engineer to undertake the businesses of Project execution and consultancy services having diverse interest in the areas of Engineering, Agriculture, Environment, Information technology and training. Our team of experts proffers unique solution to a broad spectrum of clients in and outside Nigeria.

AVENAM Links Int’l Ltd. One of the leading Renewable Energy companies in Nigeria, was incorporated to bring affordable Biogas digester and generator technology, Solar System and Wind energy technology to Nigerians as well as providing a simple, cost effective solution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from abattoir waste, human waste, farming waste and all organic waste. AVENAM Links Int’l Ltd. with over 8 years experience in partnership with other international companies with over 30 year experience, believes that in order for Biogas Plants to be successfully incorporated into organic waste treatment they need to be easy to maintain, have low running costs and should provide additional income for the primary producer. AVENAM is engaged in the implementation, promotion, popularization and research in Organic Waste Management (OWM). We take care of the planning, the development, the production, the delivery and installation of components as well as the construction and maintenance of large biogas plants, solar system and Wind farm.

AVENAM Links Int’l Ltd is able to provide a complete turnkey solution:


Avenam Links Int'l Ltd., 15 Beco Estate Mangro Off Abeokuta Exp. Rd., P.O.Box 19398 Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria
Tel:+234 8174382159, 7027107676, Mobile: +234 7030070291, 7038327885, E-mail: ani.n@avenamlinks.com, Website: www.avenamlinks.com