Information Technology Services

At Avenam the IT department deploy an all encompassing design, from Database design (to capture needed data) , to Ecological System Modeling, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis.

We are capable of helping the relevant ministries and private organization to create the much needed synergy between the country and her Space Agency on areas relating to data acquisition from Satellite raster and the most recent state of the art LIDAR data acquisition and analysis.

At Avenam we have a team that is committed to providing a State or Countries solution to the country's problems and we assure you, we will work with you in making the impact of the Ministry of environment felt by more Citizens.

Please, find below some Jobs that Avenam has completed on Iformation Technology


A)     Satellite Image Analysis for Development of a 3D terrain used for environmental modeling:



A)     Satellite Image Analysis of Part of Nigeria


C)     Software Designed for VSAT Installation:




D)     Sample DataBase Project: