Integrated Style biogas plant


1) Brief introduction

The integrated style biogas plant is of the of hydraulic pressure type. The plant is mainly composed a concrete tank that can be as big as needed and a numbers of gasholders on the top of the tank. The plant has two types- the natural temperature type and the heating type. For heating type, the digester contains an insulating layer made with foam; and has a pipe net on the bottom that can let the hot water from the power generator or solar heating system passing through to heat the fermentation material in it. The plant can has a thermostat to control the fermentation temperature.

2) Features

High reliability: no mechanic movement, no mechanic failures.
Wide range of application. The plant can be built both under or above ground. The plant is suitable to handle both liquids (sewage, human and animal manure) and solids (grass, straw, and food waste).

Low maintenance cost: very few workers are needed,  almost no maintenance for rust prevention and mechanic repair are needed.

Durable: The concrete digester can last over 30 years, the glass fibre gas holder can last over 10 years and it is replaceable when it is worn out or broken. Small area required.

3) Range of Application

Disposal of sewage sludge for waste water disposal stations
Disposal of wastes for large livestock farms Disposal of sewage and food waste for departments, factories and schools etc. Disposal of waste water and solid waste for food processing plants and brewing plants. Disposal of sewage, food waste, grass for a whole town.