The plants are designed according to the Clients needs and for a large range of flows. The plants and their components are designed to be containerized and/or ‘modular’ in design. This ensures superior quality in the manufacture and assembly at our workshops, ease of transport and quick, simple installation. The plant is also secure and can be installed on a concrete base or prepared lay-down area.

Where possible the plants and components are designed to fit in or be of equivalent size to standard shipping containers, making them easy to transport and handle. The plants can be transported to remote areas or re-located as and when required.

The package treatment plants are designed to operate 365 days per year with an availability of 100%. The plants can be fully automated or manually operated plant by means of daily operator input. For :



SETPL Package Plant is an ideal application for Hotels, Schools, Community, Hospitals, towns, villages, housing estates, and similar application, where space is limited and civil construction is not easy.

Skid Mounted Package Sewage Treatment Plant