Toilet Attached Biogas Plant

The different kinds of organic waste including human excreta that are causing serious threat to human health and cleanliness of the surroundings can be converted to bioenergy and organic fertilizer by treating with the application of biogas technology. This can be achieved by linking the sewage from the toilet or septic tank to a biogas plant.

If our sewage is not properly treated before discharging to open water bodies this can cause serious water and environmental pollution

For a family of five member it is sufficient to have a treatment plant of 2 Cum size, that can be used for the treatment of human waste and other bio waste generated in the household.  Apart from households, the public institutions like hostels, convents, hospitals etc where people are coming in for short stays, the toilets can be linked with large sized plants for treating the human wastes for the production of energy or cooking gas. The plant will not work properlly if the right size of plant is not selected correctly and this can be determined by knowing the total number of people using the toilet facility.

After the plant has been installed, anaerobic bacteria is allowed to grow and multiply with in the plant. After a period of two or three days the plant will be in working condition and the production of biogas will commence in full scale. A pipe from the toilet can be attached to the plant. The required facility for this will be provided in the plant. The food waste generated from the household and the waste water can be treated in the plant. Separate inlets for depositing these wastes are available in the plant. The bio waste and the human excreta that reach inside the plant will be decomposed by the work of the bacteria and transformed into biogas and bio manure. The biogas produced is collected in the gas chamber of the plant. This gas can be taken as fuel for cooking purposes by connecting the gas to the stove in the kitchen using separate pipe line. The stoves required for the purpose will be made available along with the plant. The biogas obtained from the waste treatment plants installed in the houses having a total number up to five family members, will be sufficient for meeting 70% to 90% of energy required for cooking purposes. In the meantime if the toilet is also attached to the plant more than 90% to 100% of the fuel requirement of the family can be met from the biogas produced in the plant.

Numerous benefit can be achieved by constructing or linking your toilet to a biogas plant. By constructing eco friendly toilet, although numerous benefits can be derived, the main achievement is the financial gain of this project. The entire expenditure incurred by installing the biogas plant can be recovered withing a period of two to three years.  For new building there will be no need to construct a septic tank since the toilet will be directly linked to the biogas digester.