1. Biogas from organic waste to be used as cooking gas
  2. Biogas for electricity generation
  3. Organic fertilizer production for agricultural purpose
  4. designing , planning and construction of turnkey photovoltaic systems as roof, mobile and ground mounted systems, from single family homes on small farms to large solar farms.
  5. Turnkey Wind farm: Our teams undertake the installation of the physical and electrical infrastructure of the wind farm and all of the engineering. Integrated implementation planning. We procure essential elements such as foundations, wiring, wind turbine and transformer, combining them into a perfectly matching whole.
  6. Remediation of contaminated site
  7. Conduct Environmental Impact Accessment for new projects
  1. Sewage treatment plant (STP)
  2. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant for Hotels and Resort
  3. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  1. Training
  2. Database Design
  3. Ecological System Modelling
  4. Geographic Information System and remote sensing
  5. Spatial Analysis

AVENAM offers a broad spectrum of consulting services, technical advice to all customers that are prepared to implement the renewable energy project from small, medium to large scale projects

We also help our clients by advising and helping them on selecting suitable technology for their waste management need and other renewable energy technology and, as well help in suggesting suitable plants after a proper feasibility study. 

AVENAM LINKS also writes proposals and conducts feasibility studies on projects relating to Renewable energy and Agriculture.

Services at a Glance